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Peninsula Behavioral Health offers internships and practicums to students of accredited universities as follows:

  • Medical internships – available to medical students enrolled in programs requiring an internship or clinical rotation.
  • Nursing practicums – available to Registered Nurses enrolled in accredited Nurse Practitioner programs.
  • Clinical internships – available to students enrolled in Second Year graduate programs.

Medical internships, clinical internships, and nursing practicums will be made available depending upon availability of PBH supervisory staff for this purpose.

Interns will be selected without regard to race, creed, political ideology, color, national origin, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, age, the presence of any sensory, mental or physical handicaps and disabilities or other basis not reasonably related to bona fide internship requirements.

PBH’s Expectations of the Student

  1. Tasks will be completed as assigned by the Supervisor and/or Internship Coordinator in accordance with the policies and procedures of Peninsula Behavioral Health.
  2. A signed time sheet, recording hours on-site, be submitted to the sponsoring supervisor on a semi-monthly basis.
  3. The student shall attend all meetings as designated by their assigned supervisor or internship coordinator.
  4. The candidate will undergo orientation by human resources staff on the first day of placement during which they will sign a Confidentiality Agreement, Substance Abuse Policy, and other required forms to be maintained in the candidate’s personnel file.
  5. The candidate will abide by the relevant policies of Peninsula Behavioral Health and professional conduct code.
  6. All reporting requirements (required paperwork) will be completed by the student in a timely fashion and signed by the supervisor and/or internship coordinator as appropriate.

PBH will provide:

  1. A written schedule for candidate’s involvement with the agency.
  2. Necessary training to accomplish assigned tasks.
  3. Clinical supervision as needed for client care.
  4. A written evaluation of progress notes toward stated goals for the academic institution.
  5. Professional liability insurance that covers the student in performance of assigned duties.
  6. Reimbursement for mileage incurred in carrying out client-related activities.
  7. A stipend of $200.00 per month for internships and practicums of at least six hundred (600) hours.

Application Process

  1. Prospective candidates are encouraged to contact Human Resources staff to discuss potential placement opportunities.
  2. Candidates may initiate the application process by submitting a completed application form and cover letter. In addition to requesting the internship, the cover letter should identify the sponsoring educational institution, proposed start-date for the internship, and other appropriate information as available. Also, when available, a current resume should be submitted with the application.
    1. Applications must be submitted at least ninety (90) days in advance of the anticipated start date of the practicum or internship. Applications received later than that may not be approved. You may expect a response to your application within ten (10) business days.
    2. The application form and submission procedure are available elsewhere on this website. See Current Career Opportunities > How to Apply. Upon receipt of application materials, HR will forward a copy to the sponsoring supervisor for screening (to determine qualifications of the applicant and suitability of internship/ practicum opportunity requested) and follow-up action as appropriate.
  3. ALL internships/practicums MUST be for academic credit. Peninsula Behavioral Health does not support non-academic internships/ practicums.
  4. Peninsula Behavioral Health requires that a learning contract, approved by a regionally accredited graduate degree-granting institution, be provided to our Human Resources Department prior to commencement of the supervised field experience. The learning contract should specify the student’s learning goals and the institution’s expectations for the student and for the supervision by Peninsula Behavioral Health. It is the student’s responsibility to reconcile any disparity between the expectations of their school and the internship support offered by Peninsula Behavioral Health. (For example, if filming of therapy sessions is required by the learning institution, students will need to provide their own equipment.)
  5. As appropriate, a Clinical or Nursing Supervisor will be assigned for meeting the requirements of the supervised field experience and evaluation. Communicating with the candidate’s institutional faculty will occur through the Supervisor.