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In order to provide a meaningful experience and to enhance the mental health program, the following requirements must be fulfilled prior to placement:

  1. Volunteers must seek placement through the Human Resources Department. HR staff will conduct a preliminary interview and refer volunteer applicants to sponsoring supervisors, as appropriate.
  2. Prior to meeting with Human Resources Staff, volunteers must furnish a signed application form (resume optional). It is requested that the application be accompanied by a cover letter indicating areas of interest and amount of time the volunteer will be available per week or month.
  3. Upon receipt of your application materials, HR will coordinate with department supervisors to identify potential volunteer opportunities for you, and contact you within ten (10) business days to discuss placement opportunities.
  4. All volunteers are eligible to participate in inservice training sessions as appropriate.

How to Apply

Candidates must submit an application, cover letter, and resume. These items may be submitted electronically, via U.S. Postal Service or in-person (drop off at the front desk).

Application Form

To submit electronically:┬áComplete the application process from the Career Opportunities┬átab, by selecting the “Submit resume for general consideration” link.

To submit via post or in-person: Complete application form, print and sign; mail or deliver in an envelope containing application, resume, and cover letter.

Mailing Address:
Peninsula Behavioral Health
Attention: Human Resources
118 E. Eighth Street, Port Angeles, WA 98362