Crisis Intervention

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A Designated Crisis Responder (DCR) is available 24 hours a day for consultation and a variety of evaluations. This person can be reached by calling the PBH office phone 360-457-0431 and requesting to speak with a crisis worker and this phone number transfers to our answering services after hours who will contact the DCR on duty when a request is made.

When a request is made the DCR will determine what steps to take next and will recommend specific action to the caller. Evaluations can include ITA (Involuntary Treatment Act) evaluations. The DCR will advise to contact local law enforcement if the circumstances require such action. During the course of any evaluation, least restrictive alternatives will be considered and recommended if appropriate. Some ITA evaluations result in hospitalization of the individual under commitment and some times as a voluntary patient to a psychiatric hospital. The DCR works with the medical staff at OMC in determining a disposition, including the physician involved and the OMC Social Work department.

A crisis staff is also available for face to face evaluations during business hours at the PBH office. This person has knowledge and access to community resources someone may find supportive such as the Clallam Count Respite Center (CCRC). The CCRC is available for a short stay to assist a person in distressing circumstances access mental health services. Not everyone is eligible to be admitted to the CCRC and the crisis staff will make such determination during an evaluation.

DCR staff are also called to the Clallam County Jail and the Juvenile Detention Facility for a variety of evaluation that are requested by their medical services and sometime by the county court.