Pharmacy Services

Genoa pharmacy is Peninsula Behavioral Health’s In-House pharmacy provider. Although patients may use whatever pharmacy provider they wish to fill their prescriptions we recommend our on-site services. With a dedicated pharmacist specializing in behavioral health and complex, chronic conditions we believe our pharmacy is second to none!

Services we Provide


  • Our on-site pharmacy gives you the option to fill all your medications, including from primary care or outside prescribers, in the privacy and convenience of PBH
  • Convenient pick-up and delivery options at no additional cost
  • Proactive outreach and reminder calls to patients regarding medication refills
  • We manage all insurance billing and obtaining any necessary prior authorizations
  • Our pharmacy team can assist with Patient Assistance Program (PAP) medications. Our pharmacy staff can assist in the PAP application process, and receive and stock the medications when they are sent to PBH
  • Individual and confidential medication education provided by a specialized behavioral health pharmacist
  • Our pharmacy works with patients and providers to synchronize refills of medications, so you can refill all your medications at the same time
  • Specialized packaging personalized for each patient is perforated which makes it easy to use On-the-go