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Co-Occurring and Substance Use Disorder Services

 Peninsula Behavioral Health is here to support your recovery journey with services that work for you.

At Peninsula Behavioral Health, we provide empathetic, comprehensive substance use disorder services including Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP).

We approach treatment utilizing a Harm Reduction Model with Low Barrier access to treatment for members of the community with a diagnosed
Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

Our vision is to pave a way to services for every individual; where recovery from addiction is understood; where every person is empowered and supported in their own recovery journey; and where a desire to live a healthy lifestyle is developed.

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Our Harm Reduction program features:

    • Screening
    • Assessment
    • Diagnosis
    • Services based on safety, respect, and autonomy
    • Flexible attendance
    • Participation is based on improvement and progress towards successful disease management
    • Wrap-around treatment for Substance Use Disorder and Co-Occurring Disorder may include: case management, primary medical care, and medication management
    • Assistance accessing community resources

Low barrier approach:

  • Minimizes hurdles
  • No waiting lists
  • No eligibility requirements once diagnosed

To access services, please call 360-457-0431.


Meet your new support network

Peer Support Specialists

A Peer Support Specialist self-identifies as a person who has progressed in their own recovery from alcohol, substance use, or a behavioral health condition and assists other individuals in doing the same.

Because of their life experience, Peer Support Specialists have expertise that professional training cannot replicate. Peers may:


  • Assist their peers in articulating goals for recovery.
  • Help clients learn and practice new skills and monitor progress.
  • Model effective coping techniques and self-help strategies based on their own recovery experience.
  • Support clients in advocating for themselves to obtain effective services.

Substance Use Disorder Professionals

Our SUDPs provide Level One Substance Use Disorder treatment. This service aims to assist individuals who have alcohol and/or drug addiction to achieve and maintain abstinence from mood-altering substances and to develop independent support systems. SUDPs may provide:

  • Assessment and diagnosis of a substance use disorder.
  • Treatment planning and referral.
  • Patient and family education on chemical dependency as a disease.
  • Individual and group counseling for individuals with alcohol and/or drug addiction.
  • Relapse prevention counseling.

Are you homeless or at risk of losing housing?

The Community Support Services (CSS) team is here to help you reach your goals  through coaching, advocacy and assistance in navigating community systems.

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Our team is here for you.

When you become a client at Peninsula Behavioral Health, our team takes their place in your corner.

Our team of compassionate professionals includes case managers, peer support specialists, and chemical dependency professionals.

Each of our staff holds a professional credential issued by the Washington State Department of Health.

The Community Support Services (CSS) team is here to help you reach your goals  through coaching, advocacy, and assistance in navigating community systems.

You are not alone. We are here to support you.

Peninsula Behavioral Health substance use disorder counseling co occurring disorder mental health