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Residential services at Peninsula Behavioral Health


Some residents of our community require more support. At Peninsula Behavioral Health, we are determined to offer that support while allowing our clients to maintain as much independence as possible.

Our empathetic residential team is supportive of our clients’ needs and wants. We assist our clients to integrate into the community with practical, independent living skills through short life skills workshops, lunch and learn meetings and one-on-one support. Staff maintain a Home Care Aide License, First Aid/CPR Certifications, and Food Handling permit.

Our Arlene Engel Home is a 19 bed assisted living facility in Port Angeles.

We all value our independence.

PBH has a 19 bed assisted living facility in addition to three other group homes in the Port Angeles community. Our assisted living facility, Arlene Engel Home, is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Staff provides supervision and support for residents as well as prepare all meals, assist with laundry, and medication monitoring.

Everyone who lives in our assisted living facility or supported group residential settings has access to our pharmacy, psychiatric medical and nursing team,  community support services, and adult outpatient psychotherapy services.

Our group homes are supported residences. People who live in our supported residences receive care and support while maintaining their independence. The residents of these homes manage their daily activities, medication, and use of public transportation with the support of our Community Support Staff. 

Residents in both settings have individual service plans with goals developed to improve their functioning skills level while managing their mental illness.

    Harrison is one of our residential aides and was the 4th of July grillmaster!

    Residential support services


    • Compassionate listening and support for those with chronic and persistent mental illnesses
    • Facility cleanliness, maintenance and laundry services for residents
    • Well rounded, nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinners for residents with healthy options at each meal. Our menu is on a 5 week rotation and meets WAC guidelines.
    • Medication support, assuring timeliness and accuracy of medication administration.

    How to access residential services at PBH

    Hours and Locations

    PBH is open Monday-Friday, 8AM – 5PM.  The PA Clinic and Youth Services Center are open until 7PM Monday and Thursday.

    Crisis services are available 24/7 through our main office phone: (360) 345-0431

    Port Angeles Main Office
    118 East 8th Street
    (360) 457-0431

    Youth Services Center
    112-A East 8th Street
    (360) 457-0431

    Sequim Office
    490 North 5th Avenue
    (360) 681-0585

    What is an access appointment?

    Your journey at PBH begins with your screening and access appointment. You will meet with an Access Specialist who will complete a screening form and listen to concerns, ask questions about symptoms and experiences, and offer resources. You will collaboratively determine your needs and discuss available resources. 

    After your access appointment, you will be matched with a clinician who is well suited to your unique situation. You will also make your next appointment for services. Residential services are only available to Peninsula Behavioral Health clients. An access appointment is the first step to becoming a new client. 

    Please call during office hours to set up your access appointment. If you are in crisis, you are welcomed to walk into any office for immediate service. PBH’s Designated Crisis Responders are available 24/7 through our answering service. 

    Hope starts here. Call us today to begin. (360) 457-0431