Our Team

Our team of residential staff is empathetic and supportive of our clients’ needs and wants. We assist our clients to integrate into the community with practical, independent living skills through short life skills workshops, lunch and learn meetings and one-on-one support. The staff maintain a Home Care Aide License, First Aid/CPR Certifications, and a Food Handling permit.

PBH has a 19 bed assisted living facility in addition to three other group homes in the Port Angeles community. Arlene Engel Home, the assisted living facility is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week where staff provides supervision and support for residents as well as prepare all meals, assist with laundry and medication monitoring. Individuals that reside in our assisted living facility as well as supported group residential settings have access to our pharmacy, access to our psychiatric medical and nursing team, access to community support services as well as our adult outpatient psychotherapy services.

The group homes are residences in which individual are capable of living independently in a supported residential setting. These individuals have demonstrated the ability to manage their activities of daily living e.g. grocery shopping, cooking, medication and use of public transportation; with the support of our Community Support Staff. Residents in both settings have individual service plans with goals developed to improve their functioning skills level while managing their mental illness.

Services We Provide

  • Compassionate listening and support for those with chronic and persistent mental illnesses.
  • Facility Cleaning/Laundering – Maintains facility cleanliness and launders residents according to state guidelines.
  • Cooking – Provides well rounded, nutritious Lunch and Dinner’s for residents with heathy options at each meal. Menu is on a 5 week rotation and meets WAC guidelines.
  • Medication Support – Assuring timeliness and accuracy on medication administration.